Handcrafted Leather Purses

Not Mass Produced In China (or anywhere else). Most luxury brands' purses are. Those not sold are buried in landfills or incinerated, and that is after they have been transported many thousands of miles. Social, environmental, and economic sustainability are compromised. And, you don't get a truly unique purse.

All of our purses are handcrafted in the USA by Master Craftsmen who judge themselves by the quality of their work, not the quantity. Every purse is made to order and delivered direct to you without the grand tour of planet earth. All of our leathers are byproducts of food production and vegetable tanned. All of our craftsmen are small business owners in the United States.

Here you get a unique purse with visible heirloom quality and the pride in knowing that you helped our world and specifically the USA, be a little bit better. We call it sustainable luxury.

Select a purse from this collection, or make your own unique design from millions of possibilities in less than 1-minute with our Custom Purse App.