Is Technology Really Good for Us?

Technology brought us the option of communicating with someone many oceans away at the tap of a simple device – but it also brought about the leveling of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If that tells us anything, it is that this tool – so to speak – can be used for good as much as it can be leveraged for evil. 

Technology is very important in our everyday lives. But are we slowly eroding our humanity away by depending too much on technology? If you think that is an overstatement, how many times have you gone to dinner with others and they are always on their phone? Notice how people walk down the street with their noses in their devices? No one seems to talk to others any more.

For the fear of sounding too dramatic, here are some other things that technology is doing:

  • Contributing to increasing posture damage

  • Ruining our eyesight

  • Causing a higher spike in insomnia rates

  • Becoming more addictive

  • Contributing to a sedentary life

  • Loss of social skills and more...

And we are passing that on to upcoming generations, among other things. That does not mean you have to give up everything tech for a Zen lifestyle, though. Besides detailing other negative impacts technology has on our health and lifestyle, there are more actionable insights on how to cope better in a world of ever-growing advancements here in the rest of the article.

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