Why “Made In the USA” Is so Important in 2020

According to an infographic from Standard Textile, manufacturing in the US drives more innovation as compared to any other sector in the country. 80% of Americans prefer products with the “Made in the USA” tag, and 60% are willing to pay 10% more for American-made products.

In this article, we discuss why it is essential for American people to invest in and buy American-made products, and how doing so contributes to a brighter future for our country.

National Economy is Important

The global market is going through a period of uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic. The American people need to invest their money in “made in USA” products. Buying made in USA products contributes to the support of local businesses, which reinforces the strength of local communities.

Jobs for Future Generations

Made in the USA means that in the future, our children and grandchildren will be able to build a life for themselves and put food on the table for their families. When buying American-made, products get more investment and it pours more money into the manufacture of American-made goods. As this happens, the growth of the manufacturing sector will produce more jobs, pushing more money into the economy.

Better for the Environment

The manufacturing processes in the US are striving toward renewable, cleaner, and eco-friendly practices. Investing in American-made products ensures that we are contributing to a cleaner and greener environment for our future.

Our Government Can Control the Labor Standards for American-Made Goods

With USA made products, our government can control the working conditions and pay the minimum wages according to the United States Labor Law. We cannot control the transparency of imported products. Sweat-shops in third-world countries manufacture most of the imported products, and buying from them supports the violations of worker’s rights abroad. It is cheaper to get goods made in developing countries because most of them have few or no health regulations to protect the health of air and water. Most of them also produce vast quantities of hazardous chemicals that destroy the air, water, and soil.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Goods manufactured overseas have a high carbon footprint as compared to made in USA products. Products made in India or China have to be shipped across the ocean to reach American shores, thus burning valuable fossil fuels and releasing greenhouse gases.

Health Hazards

The lack of safety and environmental regulations overseas threatens the health of American consumers as well. Recently, importers recalled many types of children’s toys that were made in China because they were dangerous - some posed a choking hazard while others contained lead paint and kerosene.

A Better and Stronger Economy

The benefits of buying American-made goods ripple out through the entire economy. When local American factories flourish, they hire American construction firms to construct and expand their buildings, American accounting firms to handle their money matters, and American power and energy suppliers to provide power to their operations. The EPI estimates that every US manufacturing job offers an additional 1.4 roles in other parts of the industrial chain.

Promotes American Independence

We, as Americans, take pride in our independence.  Relying on another country for its exports is counterintuitive to our sense of pride. The United States has started placing more importance on ending our reliance on imports from developing countries, as this helps take back our independence when we are purchasing goods made in America.

Guaranteed Superior Quality of Goods

The term “Made in the USA” is synonymous with quality, superior craftsmanship, and an excellent product. The use of imports gives no assurance of quality. There is no real guarantee of the quality of imported goods.

Fair and Safer Working Conditions

The US government controls and regulates safe working conditions to minimize accidents and, guarantee rights to employees. Foreign countries mostly do not have the same standards of safety and health. Their imports may be contributing to unsafe or poor health conditions of numerous workers in their countries, which we do not need to encourage.

Helps To Reduce the Trade Deficit

The United States must address its trade deficit. Investing money in American-made goods will boost the economy hence reducing the deficit.

Outsourced Manufacturing Plants Hardly Ever Return To the US

Normally, once a developing country starts to manufacture a product, in most cases, it will never again be produced in the US. This avenue of potential business in the US is gone for good. We must avoid doing this to strengthen our domestic standing. We need to bring all our manufacturing back to the USA.

Avoid Foreign Political Obstacles

Importing products into the US produces a lot of problems, especially with the countries with whom our diplomatic relations may be tense. By manufacturing goods in the USA, we can remove potential obstacles and, therefore, be self-sufficient and as independent as possible.

In conclusion, being independent and bringing our manufacturing back to the United States is a win/win for all of us here in the USA. More jobs, better economy, great quality, environmental improvements and more are the results in doing this. I say we, as consumers, take a moment and look for at those labels that state where the product comes from. Let’s all support “Made in the USA.”








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