Why Handmade Jewelry is Superior to Off-The-Shelf

Everyone wants quality jewelry. We want it to last, be unique, and enjoyed for many years. But it is usually be more expensive than off-the-shelf jewelry. So is it worth the extra price? To answer that question, here are 7 reasons why handmade is superior.

1)    As the name suggests, handmade jewelry like bracelets, necklaces and earrings are crafted by hand by artisans who have years of training and no machines are involved in creating it. 

2)    The amount of time required for handmade jewelry is much longer when compared to machines. Therefore, the chances of errors are decreased and quality is much higher.

3)    The process of making jewelry is close to the artisan’s heart, and he sees it as a relationship. Pride in their craftsmanship shows in each bracelet, necklace and earrings they make.

4)    The materials which are used for handmade jewelry are fine metals, unlike the alloys and dirty metals which are used in mass production.

5)    Even the sustainability of handmade jewelry is longer and that increases the quality of jewelry produced by the maker.

6)    As handmade jewelry is produced on a much smaller scale, the quality of the piece is higher than machine-made jewelry.

7)    Handmade jewelry is one of a kind, and makers never create identical pieces. And handmade jewelry is also eco-friendly. 

These are some important reasons why you should be looking for handcrafted items instead of settling for off-the-shelf. Our other article, Why Handcrafted is Better in 2020, discusses other important reasons to buy handmade in the USA. Custom Life USA handcrafts all their jewelry after you create the design. Here's the collection.

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