5 Tips for Matching Earrings to Your Hairstyle

Earrings and hairstyles have a deep connection when it comes to enhancing your overall look. There are different types of earrings with different kinds of hairstyles that suit your face according to your facial structure. 

If you have long, short or medium length hair, or if you are wearing it up for a formal event or in a ponytail for a casual day, it is important to pick the right earrings to wear.

Here are some tips for choosing the right pair of earrings with different hairstyles.

  • With braids and ponytails, tear drops and chandeliers work well. There are two ways to match earrings to your ponytail, and it all depends on how high you wear a ponytail. If your ponytail is high, you must wear cuffs and hoops, which can add drama. You can wear a single pair of large studs or a huggie hoop earring that can fit close to your ear lobes, for a low ponytail.

  • Drop-down earrings are perfect to go with with a bun. When you tie your hair in a high bun, there can be a lot of space from your ear to your collars. Your ears are going to be visible, and you can wear a pair of classy earrings. Dropdown earrings will go best for this hairstyle. Pick a pair of earrings that look classy from every angle. Long and thin dangling earrings will be an excellent match with an up-do hairstyle. Hoops will also look good as they are the same from back and front. Diamond hoops are an excellent alternative for this.

  • For a dressy side-braid, diamond-encrusted hoops or bright colored stone earrings can never go wrong.
  • The best choice for high updo’s, can be dangling jeweled earrings or long, delicate strand earrings.
  • With short hair, big, bulky earrings are to be avoided. Earring jackets and cuffs look lovely if you have a short haircut as your ear is more likely to be visible - a statement ear crawler or cuff can add a sharp look! The shape of the cuff is more important than the color. You should wear earring cuffs with a single color as they are the best choice for short hair and give an eye-catching look.
  • If you have long hair, then you should go for cluster earrings. To make your look more striking, choose a pair of gemstone studs. The cluster earrings are gemstone earrings, and they don't dangle while the long earrings get tangled in your long hair. If you have multiple ear piercings, then you can also wear tiny studs.

Also keep in mind that the event you are going to also matters - if it’s formal choose a style according to your event. Face shape is also a very important factor for choosing earrings and you can read all about that too in our article, "Do Your Earrings Suit Your Face Shape?"

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