Tips for Matching Clothes with Jewelry

Coordinating jewelry with different outfits can be confusing. A lot of women are caught in that vicious cycle and figuring it out always becomes a tedious task. So here are some tips that may help.  

  • Your jewelry should match the occasion. If you are going to your workplace, then skip the fancy stuff – less is better.
  • A complex clothing pattern may require you to go with simple jewelry.
  • Go with the jewelry which also coordinates with your skin color, and not just your outfit.
  • Mixing your bracelet and necklace patterns with good, solid colors, can look very nice.
  • Be sure to balance your cool and warm colors of the jewelry with cool and warm colors of your outfit.
  • Diamonds are great for more formal events, and a good pair of diamonds are always eye-catching.
  • Gold can match simple attires, such as black or white.
  • With spring and summer attires, bright gemstones will look great.

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