Thoughtful Gifting – 4 Ways to be Awesome

As a former road-warrior I learned the saying “the only lost bags are checked bags.”  Today, I considered that this may also be true - “The only good gifts are thoughtful gifts."

It has happened to just about all of us - we are given a gift, are grateful to be the recipient of the giver’s generosity, but then are left with the unanswerable question “Why this?” Hopefully, from now on, my gifting and yours will be much more rewarding because the recipient will feel more than our generosity. They will feel respected by our thoughtfulness.

Here are some ways to be a more thoughtful giver.

1. Consider why you respect the intended recipient.

They, like all of us, have multiple character traits. Some of those resonate with you more than others. Maybe it’s their kindness, or tenacity. But whatever the trait, come up with a gift that represents or symbolizes the trait. When you give it, be sure to tell them what it is that makes you respect or honor them.  The I Honor Collection is a great way to accomplish this.

2. Understand why your recipient likes what they like or do.

For example, your friend likes wine and may even be considered a connoisseur. You could get them an expensive bottle of wine. But a thoughtful gift would consider how they became fond of wine. Maybe they grew up in Sonoma County and worked in a vineyard or winery before winding up in your community many miles from California. With that understanding, you would be able to give a much more relevant gift that is symbolic of the origin of the recipient’s fondness for wine. Maybe not a bottle of wine.

3. Appreciate things the recipient does or has done.

Perhaps a “little thing” by most measures but which has a larger consequence or meaning in your life. Give a gift that is relevant to the action. Handmade gifts are especially unique and thoughtful. It says you took the time to have a craftsman make that special item just for them.

4. Random gift giving brings surprise and delight.

Giving a loved one, a friend, a colleague a thoughtful gift for no reason at all shows you were thinking of them, value them and appreciate them, and these gestures spread happiness. 

The single key to being a thoughtful giver is thinking. But, “Thinking is hard work; that's why so few do it.” - Albert Einstein. There are 3 things to think through.

First, what lies beneath the visible in the recipient’s life. Second, what gift is relevant to that. And third, the circumstances of the gift giving occasion such as when, where and how you present the gift. Here’s hoping you receive more thoughtful gifts, and have even more joy in giving them.

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