The Complete Guide to the Perfect Purse for You

Bags and purses are the one accessory almost every woman has in her closet. They come in different types, colors, sizes, and much more - the list goes on. In this article, we will highlight the different types of purses and handbags, the different colors, shapes and sizes they come in, how they serve as an important accessory for a woman in everyday life, work, career, lifestyle, activities, outfits, and many more things in between.

Types of Purses and Outfits That Can Be Worn with Them:

This illustration from shows a small sample of some of the many kinds of handbags out there. You have a lot of options to choose from and this just scratches the surface.


Currently, there are around 10 popular types of purses which are bought and used frequently. Below is the list along with how to match them to your outfits.

  1. A very popular purse is the cross-body leather purse which is a purse with a shoulder strap. It is worn across the body while hanging from one shoulder. It is a more casual type of purse, convenient for when you are active and on-the-go.
  2. The clutch is also a type of purse which does not have a strap and is one of the more non-versatile types of purses to carry. It is mainly worn with formal attire. The purse itself is the smallest one there is, lays flat and needs to be held.
  3. A doctor’s bag is one whose design has been adopted and inspired by a more practical bag used in the medical field. They are large, in terms of size, giving bags like the backpack competition. It has short handles and a firm bottom, helping it to stand on its own. They are an ideal purse for travel.
  4. The backpack purse is very popular and is commonly used when wearing casual wear.
  5. A frame purse is one which has rigid sides and a stiff bottom. The shape of the bag itself is that of a trapezoid and can be worn with casual and formal/ business wear.
  6. Hobo purses are a trendy accessory which is considered timeless. Its droopy design and style compliment the Bohemian style and make it perfect to be worn with casual attire.
  7. Minaudiere purses are one of the more formal types of purses which can also be considered a statement piece of jewelry which is decorated with glittery embellishments.
  8. Tote purses seem to be all the rage these days which are also called shopping or beach bags by many as alternate terms. It is one of the largest purses online. The bottom of the purse is tailored to sit on the floor while its sides stay high. It goes best with casual wear.
  9. Baguette purses are also popular among women and as unusual the name may be, the French bread it is named after resembles it. Its size is slightly too big to be worn with formal attire which is why this bag is worn over chic pantsuits and clothes with a diverse style.
  10. The wristlet purse is meant to be carried in your hand with a strap around your wrist. The strap adds security and the size is very convenient for when you are out nightclubbing or very active and don’t want to worry about keeping track of a large purse. It can be worn casual or dressed up with more formal wear.

Things to Consider Before Buying a New Purse:

There are a few you should bear in mind before making the purchase for purses and bags which are listed and explained down below.

  • The first thing to consider is what size will suit you best. Is it big enough to fit everything you need to carry with you?
  • If you’re looking for a purse and wallet which will help you keep your things organized, does it have enough compartments or divisions to store all that you need?
  • The material of the purse you are looking to buy is also something which greatly matters. Is the material sturdy enough to withstand constant use? Is it one which will need frequent cleaning? It is one that is prone to stains?
  • The color of the purse is another consideration. If you want bags and purses that can be used frequently, opt for neutral colors which will go with more types of clothes. If you opt for statement bags and purses, bear in mind that they may have a limited usage with your clothing style.
  • You must also find the purse you are buying, appealing to you. If you don’t like the purse, even if it checks all the other boxes, find one which also checks the box of personal appeal.
  • The bags and purses you are considering should be in style and this way, you will want to carry them frequently and they will also elevate your outfit and overall look.
  • Last, and most important to many, is the price of bags and purses. Purses range from very inexpensive to more costly, depending on the materials, quality, rarity, and more. But be sure you purchase one that you enjoy and reflects your personality and needs.

Do you need more than one purse?

Just like you own and need different clothes for different days, occasions, events, the same goes for bags and purses. It is very common to own multiple purses for different occasions, for different attires, for different needs, to name a few. For example, you wouldn’t take a backpack-style bag to a formal event or wedding. Instead, a nice, leather wristlet would work well in this situation.

Do your shoes need to match your purse?

It is not necessary to match your shoes with your handbag; however, despite there being no strict rule about it, it is recommended that you try to match them. That being said, their colors should be the same or, at the very least, be similar in terms of patterns as well.

In every day life, a purse is an accessory which does so much more for the wearer than just holding things. And now that you know how bags and purses play different parts in a woman’s life, we hope our tips and guidelines will help make your next purchase easier and more enjoyable.



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