Purse Pandemonium - How To Stop It Now

Purses and handbags are every woman's favorite and practical fashion accessory. Women never leave home without it and keep their essential items in them.

Here is a fun fact: even the Queen of England carries a purse. She owns more than 200 Launer handbags and has been using them for over 50 years!

But how do you keep your purse organized? It is so frustrating when you can't find what you need. In this article, we discuss ways to keep your purse and handbags organized and be able to find the things you are looking for easily because loose change, lipstick, notes, old receipts always tend to make it a “purse pandemonium.”

A disorganized handbag and purse is a disadvantage in the following ways:

  • Lugging around a big and heavy purse satchel full of unnecessary stuff will give you neck and shoulder pain.
  • Heavy purses and handbags can cause muscle imbalance and alignment issues.
  • A disorganized purse will have a distorted shape because of being overstuffed, which can stretch out suede and leather.
  • An overstuffed cross body leather purse creates a high level of anxiety for women on a daily basis which is quite avoidable.
  • Disorganized handbags and purses hinder you from finding what you are looking for and this could result in safety issues if you needed car keys in a hurry. 

11 Easy Steps to Organize your Handbag

It takes a little bit of time and creativity to organize your purse. Here’s how:

  1. Empty it. Once a week empty out everything in your purse. Go through all the interior and exterior pockets. Turn the purse upside down and give it a gentle shake to get rid of the dust or dirt that has settled at the bottom. Take a soft cloth and clean the outside surface and handles.
  2. Group it. Sort similar stuff together like makeup, electronics, coupons, loyalty cards, eatables, feminine care products, medicines, money, just to name a few. This helps you find these items quicker.
  3. Discard it. Trash the things you no longer need in your purse. Throw away candy wrappers, expired coupons or receipts that you longer need. Put away extra hair ties, medicines or free samples you no longer need.
  4. Contain it. Buy pouches to organize your stuff according to usage. Zipper pouches of different colors are a great way to keep things organized in your handbags and purses and keeps things from rattling about in your purse. Put basic makeup and feminine care products like tampons, sanitary napkins, hair ties, dental floss, etc in one pouch. Put pens, post-its, and pocket-sized notepads in one pouch. Put your USB cable and hands free in another small zipper pouch. Put medicines in a pocket pillbox.
  5. Store it. Credit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, ID and driver's license can be stored in wallets and cardholders. Many wallets have special slots to keep these cards organized so that it prevents you from rummaging through your purse every time you need them.
  6. Put loose change in a coin purse. Instead of letting coins rattle loosely in your purse, put them in a coin purse right away. This will ensure that your handbag and purse stays organized longer.
  7. Don't pack away the most frequently used items. Keys, sanitizer, lip balm, cell phone, and sunglasses must be within easy reach. Always put sunglasses in their original case to protect them from scratches. When all the other stuff is in pouches, these essential items will be in plain sight in your purse.
  8. Use a mint tin to hold cards. Put important business cards, rewards cards, membership cards, gift cards, etc in an empty mint tin. This way you will be saved from overstuffing your wallet.
  9. Get rid of paperbacks. Take advantage of E-books and download books on your cell phone or tablet. If you like to read on your commute to and from work you should drop the idea of an actual book, which can make your purse satchel heavy and crowded.
  10. Use the interior and exterior pockets in your purse. Consider putting the smaller items like lip balms and hair ties into the built-in pockets of your handbag and purse. Not only will this reduce clutter but it will be easier to reach in and grab them when needed.
  11. Commit to giving your purse a quick clean-over at the end of each day. Now that you have cleaned and organized your purse you must strive to keep it that way. Toss all stray receipts, empty containers and candy or gum wrappers in the trash. Remove the loose change. This is to ensure that your purse stays organized and neat.

A woman's purse is a window to her personality. The contents of her purse and how organized they are tell a lot about her cleaning habits and her preparedness. Whenever you step out, make sure that your handbag and purse looks good on you, ties your whole outfit together and is organized from inside. The tips above will help you to declutter and maintain your purse.





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