How to Mix and Match Necklaces and Bracelets to Look Great

Every day you spend so much time selecting the best outfit to wear, style your hair accordingly, and put on makeup. Along with all of that, the look remains incomplete without wearing appropriate jewelry.

Mixing and matching jewelry is a popular trend that women love the look of, but how do you know what really goes together? Imagine the perks of mixing and matching jewelry. You can garnish your body parts and maintain a classy, funky, or elegant look. If you love to put on several pieces together at a time or seek a way to make your jewelry look coordinated, a few ideas mentioned below can guide you to do so. 

Here are some tips for mixing and matching jewelry that should help take the mystery out of it.

  • First of all, there should be a center of attention in your jewelry. The centerpiece should be eye-catching, and the other accessories should support it by being complementary to the it.
  • Layering your jewelry is also an important option. If you have a thin piece of jewelry, then add to it a thicker piece of the same type of jewelry.
  • Stacking rings can also be very attractive. With rings and bracelets, you don’t have to worry that much – anything goes.
  • Mixing vibrant colors together is also popular and fashionable.
  • Have a set of jewelry custom made for you so your jewelry pieces all match. Here is a great place to do that.

Consider these ideas as well:

CENTER PIECE: First of all, there should be a center of attention in your jewelry. The centerpiece should be eye-catching, and the other accessories should support it by being complementary to it. Select a specific area of your body to show your jewelry off, for example, neck or wrist. Now this area should be your prime focus because this is the eye-catcher. It should be that piece which grabs maximum attention. The rest of the jewelry must compliment that focal piece. It can be a necklace or a bracelet. In this way, you will look glamorous without being overwhelmed with excessive, unnecessary jewelry.

LAYERING: Layering your jewelry is also an important option. Do the layering of jewelry according to its size and thickness. For instance, layer the necklaces by wearing long pieces with short jewelry pieces. If you are wearing a thick bracelet, you can complement it with multiple thin bracelets. The idea is to wear a perfect blend of thick and thin pieces rather than putting on all thick jewelry pieces or all thin pieces at a time. Therefore, if you are wearing a thick jewelry piece, add thin jewelry pieces with it, and vice versa.

STACKING RINGS: Stacking rings is very trendy nowadays and looks exceptionally charming. That is one cool way to wear rings, and the best part is that you don’t have to worry about anything specifically because there is absolutely no rule to stacking rings. With rings and bracelets, you don’t have to freak out that much – anything goes. It does not matter how many loops you wear in your fingers, which is pretty awesome and relieving.

VIBRANT COLOURS: Mixing and matching jewelry can become pretty monotonous if you are wearing all the same color pieces. Mixing vibrant colors is also popular and fashionable. Don’t hesitate to add different colored jewelry pieces to the ocean of silver or gold necklaces. Adding bracelets of bright colors look exciting and stylish. It enhances the beauty of silver or golden chains.

BLEND: Break the stereotype of wearing jewelry of the same sort and bring in diversity. Previously it was encouraged, for example, to wear a silver bracelet if you chose to wear a silver necklace. Not anymore. Encourage yourself to blend in different types of stones, metals, and colors. It will make you look eternally blissful.

CUSTOMIZE: Custom made bracelets and custom made necklaces are very much in fashion these days. You can get a pair of business made necklaces and bracelets that will perfectly complement each other. Custom made jewelry gives you a sense of confidence in yourself. Have a set of custom made jewelry for yourself so all of your jewelry pieces can match. Here is a great place to do that.

These tips should help you get started on the right way to mix and match jewelry, so be adventurous and have fun with it. To know more, visit the original article


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