How to Know if a Purse is Real Leather

Buying a leather bag is not a simple task. Just looking at your favorite bag inside the store, you can’t always tell whether it’s real leather or not. So it is important to differentiate between the fake and real options before you spend a lot of money.

Here are some tricks and tips for recognizing a genuine leather handbag:

  • Check the label of the bag. If it says real leather, then check its price. If it is very cheap, then it’s most likely not real leather. If the price is high, then you will need to check the material of the bag. Real leather is thicker than other materials and it has grainy rough edges.
  • Check the surface of the bag. Real leather comes in varying degrees of coarseness. It will also get scratched, and that’s how you will be able to tell the difference.
  • Smell the bag. Real leather will not smell like synthetic material. It will have its own ‘leathery’ smell.
  • Check out the stitching along the sides of the zipper or the seam. Pure leather holes will have slightly uneven, rough ends that appear like a suede. Artificial leather holes will all be uniform and identical. If you can notice the purse edges where two pieces fix together, leather will be raw and rough looking.
  • You can also check the overall figure of a leather bag when you place it on a surface. The genuine leather purse will look more straight up and firm while the fake leather bag will be lax and loose.
  • If your leather bag radiates a cozy and a warm feeling, then a big congratulations to you for not getting fooled by the seller and buying a genuine leather purse. The warmth can be easily spotted. An artificial leather bag will give a cold, cyanosed feeling.
  • You must check the bag's weight; a pure leather handbag will be more massive because of the original material used to make its zipper, buckles, and studs. A faux leather bag will have poor quality accessories and low weight.

But if you are still unsure and really want to be careful, go to a reputable seller.

A genuine leather bag will always look more firm, robust, refined, and appealing than a foul leather bag. Someone smart once said that a handbag should be "Always classy, never trashy and a little bit sassy," so choose wisely. 

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