How to Look Sassy Wearing Your Ankle Bracelet

Men and women have been wearing ankle bracelets for a long time. An ankle bracelet is also known as an anklet, and you can dress up casual outfits by wearing them. Ankle bracelets are worn mostly in summers when they’re fun to complement your sandals but they can also be dressed up with heels to look sexy, too.

"Jewelry is like the perfect spice. It always complements what's already there." Diane Von Furstenberg

Did you know:

  • Ankle bracelets showed marital status. In ancient India, ankle bracelets with dangling charms were worn by married women so that the family members would know the sound of their dangling charms as they approached them. Dancers wore anklets with small bells on them.
  • Ankle bracelets symbolized social class. In ancient Egypt, the material of the ankle bracelet expressed the social level of the wearer. Rich women wore gold anklets, the common ones wore silver or iron ones, and the lower-class ones wore ankle bracelets made of string.

 Etiquette of Wearing Ankle Bracelets:

Wearing an ankle bracelet depends on a person's taste and style. You should feel comfortable while wearing one, you can wear them all year-round or only during the summer while at the pool or the beach – up to you. Here are some rules to keep in mind when wearing your ankle bracelet.

Don'ts of Wearing Ankle Bracelets:

  • Ankle bracelets don't belong at the professional workplace. Save them for when you aren’t at work and are having fun, in more casual environments.
  • In quiet public areas, do not wear ankle bracelets with bells and chimes. Ankle bracelets that make noise are inappropriate in quiet areas and can be annoying.

Do's of Wearing Ankle Bracelets:

Here are some of the places where wearing an ankle bracelet is just right. 

  • At a festival
  • Casual summer party
  • At the Beach
  • At the poolside
  • On vacation
  • Generally casual, fun activities

What Kinds Of Ankle Bracelets do Men Wear?

Men can choose from a great variety of ankle bracelets depending upon their looks and personality. The most popular ones are: 

  • Braided
  • Feathered
  • Corded
  • Gold or Silver
  • Hemp Anklets
  • Beaded
  • Surf or Beach Anklets
  • Chain link
  • Leather anklets

Leather ankle bracelets are the most popular and traditional anklets for men. They are among the most versatile of ankle bracelets available for men. Whatever style you prefer, you will be able to find an ankle bracelet that matches your aesthetics.

How Do You Measure Your Size For One?

Some people prefer to wear ankle bracelets hanging loosely from their ankle, while others prefer it to be snug above the ankle bone. To measure the ankle bracelet's correct size, take a measuring tape and wrap it around where you would like to wear the bracelet. Now add half an inch to the measurement. Typically, a nine-inch ankle bracelet fits a smaller ankle, whereas a ten-inch is the standard size. Lastly, don’t forget to consider the length of the clasp into your measurement.

Custom Ankle Bracelets Make Great Gifts

Customized handmade leather ankle bracelets for men make fantastic gifts. If you have a birthday or anniversary approaching and are wondering what to get the special man or woman in your life, then look no further, we offer a wide selection of high-quality jewelry customized according to your choice.

When worn with confidence, in the right setting, with a complimentary outfit, ankle bracelets will score high in terms of style and sass. Make sure to match your ankle bracelet to the occasion, your style, and taste. Not all outfits or shoes will look good with ankle bracelets. You must make sure that your outfit compliments your  jewelry. If you are wearing boots, then save your ankle bracelet for an appropriate outfit. Wearing an ankle bracelet is an excellent option for those who want to show off their legs, and they look fantastic when combined with fashionable footwear and a pedicure.



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