How to Give the Best Bridesmaids Gifts - Jewelry

From hosting an Instagram-worthy bridal shower to supporting you and easing your pre-wedding worries, bridesmaids make your wedding day an occasion to remember. If you are looking for custom gifts to thank your bridesmaids for helping you navigate through the wedding planning, then here are some unique, wonderful jewelry ideas.

If you have no idea what could make a memorable gift for your bridesmaids then have a look at some of these ideas:

●    Custom Initial Rings

Customized initial rings are sweet and discreet wedding day gifts that bridesmaids would adore and treasure always. Along with that, they can rock this gift to a girl’s night out or even a day at the office. This type of jewelry does not only have a personal touch to it but it also will never go out of fashion.

 ●    I Honor Jewelry

I Honor Jewelry acknowledges the character traits of the people you admire, love and respect. You design each custom accessory to symbolize three of their most inspiring character traits. Colors represent the traits. If you wear the jewelry, you are telling about someone you admire. If you gift the jewelry, you are telling someone why you admire them.

●    Made-to-Order Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets that are designed by you specifically for that special bridesmaid show each bridesmaid why you care. They are handmade in the USA from leather bolo cords and magnetic clasps. Different colors for your different bridesmaids.

●    Customized Druzy Necklace

If you are and your bridesmaids are not the type to shy away from glam and bling then you can give them a sparkly druzy customized necklace as a wedding day gift. With this customized jewelry piece you and your bridesmaids can shine on all day and all night.

●    Handmade Seashell Bracelets

Getting married on the beach? The best bridesmaid’s gift, in this case, would be a customized seashell bracelet that would nod to your tropical locale. A cute seashell bracelet made with high-quality gold or silver strung on a cotton thread with a pull tie closer has that cute, beachy vibe which will be a memorable wedding day gift.

●    Customized Initial Bracelet

If you have got a large group of bridesmaids then the customized initial bracelet is an excellent idea of a wedding day gift. A delicate customized bracelet in silver or gold with their initials is a personal gift that they would love. Different types of beads such as round or square can be used. Plus if they are gifted with a small cloth bag with their names on it, the gift becomes unique and memorable. This can also be worn to any party or to even at work.

●    Stacked Bracelets

Layered or stacked bracelets are nowadays very much in style. These types of bracelets not only make an excellent bracelet for bridesmaids but can also be used as a friendship bracelet. On top of that, they can be worn, can be mixed and matched with your outfit, as well as can be worn all together. Thus they make a super cool and elegant gift for your bridesmaids.

●    Minimalistic Bracelets

Minimalistic designs are another trend of 2020. So if you are having a small but modern wedding then gifting your bridesmaids customized minimalistic gold or silver bracelets can be an excellent gift. They can also be a set of two-toned bracelets with different sizes that can be mixed and matched with any outfit.

●    Customized Pave Bracelet

If you want to gift your bridesmaids something which is glam but also can be worn every day then a customized pave bracelet is a great gift. With a lobster clasp, there is a guarantee that the bracelet will not fall off and stay in its place. These can be made in silver, gold, or rose gold.

So, when it comes to weddings and wedding day gifts for our bridesmaids we wish to give them something which says “thanks for being with me through tough times” and also allows them to remember the good times you had with them before you say “I do!” Hopefully, these unique, handmade jewelry ideas help you come up with the perfect wedding day gifts.


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