How to Find that Meaningful Gift of a Bracelet

Want to give someone a bracelet as a gift? There are so many options! Where do you start? Well, we all know that bracelets are a wonderful piece of jewelry that are part of our daily fashion choices, and often can have a deeper meaning tied to it. Along with symbolisms and deeper meanings, bracelets may also have significance to them in some cultures.  There is a misconception that bracelets are only worn by women. On the contrary, there are bracelets for men available as well.

Here is a guide on the different types of bracelets available and the symbolism and meanings they have so you can be sure to pick the right one. 

Bracelets that Symbolize Relationships:

Bracelets can be used to represent a relationship between two people. Two excellent examples of these types of bracelets is the friendship bracelet and the couple's bracelets. These bracelets are very popular amongst teens and young couples. It is seen as a method of securing a connection between two people and constitute the infinite cycle of a friendship or relationship that one has with another person.

Bracelets with Charms:

These types of bracelets are usually worn by young women and teenagers. The main reason why it is worn by women is that it looks fashionable and charm bracelets go with any outfit. Many brands provide custom-made charm bracelets. Sometimes the charms attached to the bracelet are either an animal or object which is symbolic for things that a person enjoys or loves, or it will depict a part of a person’s personality. 

Bracelets with Beads:

Beaded bracelets are mainly worn by people who believe that wearing them will help them acquire good luck or a certain kind of energy.  These bracelets are available in different colors and can be customized as well. The symbolism behind beaded bracelets depends on the color of the beads in them. For example, the color green is related to abundance, fertility, nature and prosperity. These bracelets are gender neutral as well. So, if you are a girl looking for a meaningful gift for your boyfriend, then there are a variety of beaded bracelets which can make your job easy.

The String Bracelet:

Made up of one or two strings, the string bracelet is usually worn by an individual when they have a wish that they want to be fulfilled. This bracelet comes with charms such as initials of a person’s name, a heart, or any other symbol. It is said that when a person has a wish, they wear a one or two string bracelet by wrapping it around their wrist and tying a knot. In case a string breaks or the bracelet gets loose and falls off, it means that the wish of that person has been fulfilled.

The Gemstone Bracelet:

Along with rings and necklaces, gemstones have been used in bracelets as well.  Gemstone bracelets are worn to represent a person’s characteristics as the gemstone in their bracelet is usually their birthstone. The best part is that these are gender neutral. Gemstone bracelets have been passed on from generation to generation, so along with them being related to our birthstones, there are many other stories and legends related to this type of bracelet. One of the best examples of this would be the rose quartz bracelet which represents unconditional love and is very popular today.

Bracelets for a Cause:

Charities and organizations come up with bracelets made from many materials like leather, to support the cause for which they are collecting funds. It can be to find a cure for aids or even to remember an event in history. For example, every year on the 4th of July many organizations and charities come up with merchandise which includes bracelets to celebrate the Independence of America. Different diseases are represented by different colors so people commonly wear the color of a disease they are supportive of.

Leather Bracelets:

Leather bracelets, although in the past being worn mainly by men, are also now being worn more and more by women. There are multiple types of leather bracelets. They come in one strand or multiple strands, different thicknesses, woven, braided, and usually have a variety of clasps available. 

In conclusion, when it comes to choosing jewelry such as a bracelet to give to a friend or a loved one, you should pay attention to the following factors before deciding on one - like how much that person means to you, what is their personality like, what do they like to do, what is their fashion style, and more. Once that is decided on, have a bracelet hand-made specifically for them to show how much you care. And, hopefully, the above given types of bracelets and their symbolisms will help you find that meaningful gift of a bracelet for the special people in your life.


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