How to Effectively Layer Necklaces in 2020

Necklaces can be the centerpiece of an outfit and therefore, should be carefully chosen before worn. Layering them offers more options and can be fun to wear. 

Here are some tips for layering necklaces:

  1. Go with different necklace styles for a fresh look.
  2. A combination of chains with different lengths can create an eye-catching impact on your appearance.
  3. Adding a bar to the necklace may help in keeping all of them separate and enhance the overall effect.
  4. Go with the suitable neckline of your top, so that your necklaces look their best.
  5. The combinations should be in odd-number multiples, as it catches the eye quickly.
  6. Necklaces of different materials can create a positive impact on your overall appearance. Therefore, bring in your favorite shapes, sizes, textures, metals, color by having it custom made for you here.

So have fun and experiment with different lengths, materials and colors. For more information, read the original article.

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