How to Choose the Right Bracelet Size

Bracelets play a major role in deciding your look and are great accessories for outfits. But what are some of the tips for choosing the right bracelet size? You don’t want it too small or too large where it falls off your wrist.

So here’s some tips on how you can measure your wrist for getting the perfect size.

  • For regular chain bracelets or leather bracelets that have a locking clasp, a flexible measuring tape will do the work of measuring the size of your wrist.
  • The measurement is to be done just above the wrist bone. The measuring tape can be wrapped around that area.
  • Once the measurement is taken, an inch or so should be added in order to alter the length in the future.
  • The wrist should be kept on a flat surface, so that the measurement comes out perfect.

If you are into bangles, then the measuring techniques are a bit different.

Unlike bracelets, bangles fall into two categories.
  1. Fixed size bangle - (slip over your hand) measure the size of your wrist with a piece of paper and measuring tape.
  2. Adjustable bangle – same as above, but since it is adjustable, there shouldn’t be any real issue.

Custom handmade leather bracelets make great gifts, too. If you have a special occasion coming up or just want to surprise someone, here are some great options.

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