How to Choose Earrings For Your Face Shape in 2020

Choosing earrings that go with your face shape can really be a difficult task unless you understand the basic rules. Since earrings are frequently worn by women, it’s important to know these 8 tips.

  1. If you have an inverted triangle shaped face or a heart shaped face, teardrop earrings can work well.
  2. Similarly, for a round face, drop or dangle earrings look nice.
  3. For oval faces, any shape will work, but simple studs will also accentuate your cheek bones.
  4. Bone structure is also an important feature. If your bone structure is fine and small, then thin, as well as delicate earrings, are recommended.
  5. For square faces, go with earrings that are hoops or long with rounded edges.
  6. Earrings should also be carefully chosen for a particular event. If you are going to work, then simple earrings will do the job. At more formal events, try something fancy like diamonds.
  7. Earrings which suit your personality and mood are also appropriate and fun. Have some custom made just for you here.
  8. Your skin color will also play a major role in deciding the type of earrings you should go with.

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