Corporate Gift Giving - Pitfalls You Need To Avoid

‘A gift is never about need. It's about thanking people.’ Lash Fary

Corporate gifts show your clients or your customers that their involvement with your company is greatly appreciated and their efforts are recognized. It is also a beneficial return on what your company invested because it creates loyalty and strong relationships between the organization and its clients and customers. This loyalty ensures that your clients or customers will continue to do business with you for years to come. Corporate gifts for employees make them feel appreciated, which will increase their productivity and loyalty to the firm.

This article will assist you in knowing all the Dos and Don'ts of corporate gift-giving and give you ideas you can use for all your future gifting opportunities.

Do’s And Don'ts Of Client Gift Giving:

Giving clients corporate gifts will help your firm achieve things such as growing the ability to maintain the same clients for years to come by letting them know how much  they are appreciated. It also keeps your company “front of mind” which makes it easier for your clients to think of you and continue to be loyal to your brand. Research has shown that companies that decided to opt for gift-giving, doubled their chance of being contacted by those who received the gift.

The following are the Dos and Don'ts of giving corporate gifts to clients:

  1. The first thing for you to DO is send gifts that are unique and based on what your clients may have revealed about themselves in past interactions. For example, something as simple as a handwritten note on their birthday or anniversary will remind them you care and may help instill respect and loyalty for your brand, which goes a long way.
  2. DO NOT spend a lot on the gifts either. Expensive gifts can look like you are subtly asking them for a favor. So instead of enjoying the present, it will make them feel uncomfortable. Give all clients gifts within the same price range to avoid making anyone feel discriminated against or more superior than the others.
  3. DO be creative when coming up with corporate gift ideas as it will make the clients feel that thought has been put into the corporate gift they were given. Make the gift personal and useful.
  4. Try to be culturally aware. There could be some gifts that inappropriate in certain cultures. Also keep in mind etiquette around the holidays.

Dos And Don'ts Of Employee Gift Giving:

  1. All the points for corporate gifts for clients apply to corporate gifts for employees as well.
  2. DO NOT try to use these corporate gifts as an incentive for your employees when they perform well in the office; instead, use these corporate gifts for strengthening the relationship you have with your employees. Corporate gifts should be used and given to those who genuinely deserve it based on the effort they have put in at work.
  3. DO show your gratitude for their hard work and loyalty and efforts throughout the whole year instead of when it is the default time to give corporate gifts for employees. It is bound to leave a lasting impression on your employees when they are appreciated at the least expected times.

Employee Recognition Program:

These programs are very popular and provide a real benefit. According to a Gallup Poll, 68% of employees haven’t received any form of recognition for good work in the last year. 

This is a sad statistic because these programs help: 1) build trust between management and employees, 2) show appreciation for hard work, 3) produce lower turn-over rates and 4) increase customer satisfaction. A happy employee can mean a happy customer. 

There are many types of employee recognition programs, so make sure you incorporate the best one for your company. There are some great ideas here



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