Bracelets: What You Need to Know to Look Great

Accessories like bracelets are so important because they enhance your personal style and make what otherwise would be boring outfits look amazing. Our hands are always in constant motion so enhancing them with rings and bracelets makes them look chic and graceful. Bracelets are one of the coolest accessories because they look effortlessly stylish. You can wear them anywhere - with any outfit. Here is everything you need to know about bracelets so you can always look great.

Different Styles of Bracelets for Women and Men

Bracelets are available in different shapes and styles. Men and women can both wear bracelets and make their outfits look cool. Here are the many different styles of bracelets for women and men.

Bangle Bracelets

This is one of the common bracelets for women in South Asia. Bangle Bracelets are either made of glass or steel and can be worn daily with any type of outfit. They are not stretchable nor have any clasp, so you have to slide the bracelet onto your wrist.

Charm Bracelets

Bracelets with charms are commonly known as charm bracelets and are also a cool way to show your personality. A charm is a piece of jewelry that can be attached to a bracelet. Different types of charms can be put on bracelets. You can make your own bracelets with charms by adding different types of charms and you can also collect memorable charms and add them to your bracelets. 

“Good memories are like charms...Each is special. You collect them, one by one, until one day you look back and discover they make a long, colorful bracelet."-James Patterson

Cuff bracelets

Cuff bracelets are made of steel or iron and have an opening or clasp. They look great with shirts and t-shirts and enhance your look. They can be worn on forearms or on your wrist. Wear them to make your simple outfit look exciting.

Wrap chains

Wraps chain are the types of bracelets that are for both men and women. They are long enough for your arms and you can wrap them either twice or thrice. They can be also either beaded or are made of leather.

Bracelets with beads

Beaded bracelets are the most common types of bracelets and can be worn with every outfit. You can also wear as many bead bracelets as you want.

Slap bracelet

These bracelets were quite common back in the 90’s. They were either made of plastic or silicone and when you slap your wrist with them, these bracelets wrap around your wrist. These bracelets are for kids and they love them.

Wristwatch bracelets

Wristwatch bracelets provide both function and fashion and they look really nice. They are either made of chains, beads or links with a wristwatch in the middle 

Multi-strand bracelets

Multi-strand bracelets are made by combining two or more strands into one strand by different styles of braiding. You can also wear two or three multi-strand bracelets at a time.

Tennis bracelet

A tennis bracelet is made of gemstones or diamonds and look really elegant and charming. These bracelets fine for everyday use and can also be worn for formal occasions.

Link bracelet

As the name indicates, link bracelets are made of small or large links. They are commonly used with casual outfits. You can also add charms to them.

Ankle bracelets

Ankle bracelets are sexy, and they make the feet look delicate and alluring. If your footwear is simple you can wear ankle bracelets to make them look attractive. They also look great when you are barefoot.

Men’s wrist band

There are also cool bracelets for men and one of them is men’s wrist bands. They are available in different styles like rope wrist bands, strappy wrist bands, etc.

Best Sizing Technique for Bracelets

Every wrist is different in size. The best way to measure your wrist is to use an inch tape and wrap it around your wrist starting from 0 inches. Refer to this article for more tips and ways to choose the right bracelet size.

For men, 8-10 inches are the most common sizes for men. For, women it is 7 to 9 inches. A newborn baby’s size averages 4 inches and for 6-12 months it is 4.75 inches. 2 years to 12 years, children’s sizes range from 5.5 inches to 7 inches.

Different Materials for Bracelets

Bracelets are made of lots of different materials and people buy them according to their own preference. The most popular materials for bracelets are gold, white gold, silver, platinum, titanium, and leather.

Some of these materials can create “reactions” to different skin types. People with weaker immune systems can have allergic reactions because of jewelry made of gold, silver, titanium or platinum. If you notice a rash or swelling, then discontinue wearing it and get yourself tested.

Different materials cost differently, with gold being the most expensive material. Silver and platinum bracelets cost less and they also look quite charming. Leather, iron and steel are also used in bracelets and are less expensive than 24 karat gold.

Selecting Bracelets

Different bracelets are for different occasions so you must know what types of bracelets you can wear for each event.

Leather bracelets, link bracelets, bead bracelets, wristwatch bracelets and tennis bracelets can be worn at your workplace. Bracelets that make noise like bangles or some charm bracelets should not be worn at workplaces because they make noise which disturbs employees. For formal occasions, link bracelets, tennis bracelets, cuffs and bangle bracelets are appropriate. For sports and workout activities, you can wear leather bracelets, tennis bracelets, link bracelets, wrap bracelets and wristwatch bracelets.

Some bracelets also have symbology in them. Karma bracelets help people to stay positive and reminds you that what goes around comes around. You can gift your best friend a friendship bracelet so she knows she can count on you whenever she needs you. There are also multiple “causes” bracelets which you can buy to help the cause like cancer, cerebral palsy, and more.

So now with this knowledge, you should be able to select the right bracelet for any event and enjoy looking great at the same time.


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