Best Ways to Clean Your Leather Purse

Leather bags are all the rage these days, especially handmade leather bags. They are stylish and elevate the look you were going for. However, to ensure that the stylish leather bag you have spent a good amount of money on remains usable for extended periods of time, it is vital to care for it and clean and maintain it properly. If there are any scratches from wear and tear, these can also be fixed. Leather itself is quite a sturdy material and can be used for years if the wear and tear are treated.

Now, the real question is how do you clean or take care of handbags made of genuine leather? This guide will help you with everything that you need to know to ensure your heirloom leather purses remains beautiful for years and years.

How to Clean Leather Purses:

  • The first thing you should do is use a cleaner for leather purse or bag which is specifically for leather itself. These cleaners are soft soaps which are gentle on the leather surface. Apply and gently rub it over the leather in circles. After doing so, it needs to be wiped off using a soft fabric cloth which is moderately damp. Carrying out this whole process once or twice every year will ensure that your bag looks as good as new for a long time.
  • If you have a suede leather bag, the best way to clean it would be to use a suede brush. Another alternative would be to use a new and clean pink eraser for removing small spots on tote bags.
  • If your favorite handmade leather purse gets a stain, cleaning it with just a damp cloth will get it to look good as new in no time. Wiping the bag every few days with a damp cloth, even if it is not dirty, will preserve the crisp look of new leather for a long time.

Tips for Maintaining Your Leather Purse:

  • For purses made of fine or brushed leather, it is a wise choice to use a spray which is protective and is tailored to touching up leather.
  • If you plan on keeping cosmetics which can possibly spill, it is recommended you keep them inside of their own pouch; the same goes for pens, their caps need to stay on at all times when kept in the bag.
  • Avoid using substances such as alcohol, turpentine or similar ones when cleaning leather; as it will cause the leather to discolor and become dry.
  • Try your best to not let water come anywhere near your handbags made of genuine leather. If, in any case, water does seep into your bag, do NOT use a hairdryer; instead, try to soak up as much of the water as you can with a thick microfiber cloth before leaving the rest to air dry. After it is done air drying, condition the bag with a leather conditioner before storing it away to be used later.
  • Handmade leather purses or handbags made of genuine leather need to be kept safe if taken to hair salons and need to stay away from hair products with harsh chemicals which could damage the texture and exterior of the bag. So try to keep some distance between your purse and these chemicals.
  • Refrain from using waxes or products with silicone on leather purses as it will clog the pores of the material and make it near to impossible to be cleaned in the future.
  • Leather needs to breathe to save it from rotting and collecting mildew. This is why if you possess handbags made of genuine leather, it is recommended that they are kept somewhere where they can get ventilation and air can pass through the leather and cause any moisture in the leather to evaporate. Hence, use a breathable fabric as a cover when storing away your handmade leather purses.
  • Purses with soft leather need to be kept away from sunlight as that will cause the leather to fade away faster than normal; and it can also cause the leather to dry out and crack.

How to Repair Scratches:

Getting scratches on your soft leather purse is inevitable as well as repairable. All you need is two soft clean cloth rags, a leather cleaner, a good quality leather touch-up marker in the right color, and a leather moisturizer.

  • The first step is to clean the surface of the leather; apply a small amount of good quality leather cleaner on the surface of the leather. One can also dab a little white vinegar over a soft clean cloth rag and then clean the surface of the handmade leather purse with it.
  • The next step is the coloring. Use the leather touch-up marker to color over the scratches, just slightly without overdoing it, till it dries up to the point of it not transferring onto the skin when touched.
  • The last and the most crucial step are to moisturize the purse made of soft leather. This can be done by applying a bit of moisturizer to the second cloth rag you grabbed which will then be rubbed over the part of the handbag made of genuine leather over which the touch-up marker was rubbed earlier. This will result in the removal of the excess touch-up color, blend it, and hydrate the material.

Love your heirloom leather purse and it will last a long, long time.




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