5 Strategies for Showing Customers You Appreciate Them in 2020

We are all so focused on finding new customers, it can easily be overlooked to nurture our current customers and show them how much they are appreciated. If this is happening, then you can quickly lose your current customers if they feel neglected.

Current customers are our “low-hanging fruit” – that means it is quicker and cheaper to nurture and keep current customers coming back, than it is to find new ones. Happy customers turn into repeat shoppers. Your customer retention increases the lifetime value of your customer. Marketing expenses go down and pleased customers tell friends.

So how do you keep your customers happy? Implement some of these tips into your company culture and your business will flourish.

    1. Identify who your best customers are
      1. Implement customer loyalty programs and offer customers rewards such as handmade bracelets, etc.
      2. Reward customers throughout the year with coupons, discounts, exclusivity, great experiences, etc.
      3. Send appreciation notes
      4. Spotlight customers on social media and more…

      Delve deeper into the details in the full article here and checkout these great products for customer appreciation gifts as well. Your clients will thank you and so will your business!

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