5 Reasons Why Handmade is Better for You

Handmade gifts such as handcrafted jewelry are something that is timeless and has that personal touch to them. One might even save money when it comes to handcrafted gifts. If you want to show someone how much you care by gifting them something unique and unexpected, then handmade gifts are the best option.

Here are 5 reasons why handmade gifts are a better option for gift-giving than off-the-shelf gifts.


When it comes to off-the-shelf gifts such as flowers, chocolates, teddy bears for kids, these are the things that can be replicated very easily. Along with that, such gifts are what people receive repeatedly. With handmade gifts such as handcrafted jewelry, people tend to remember them because they are so unique.

Handmade gifts show that you made an effort and how much that person means to you which is not the case with ordinary, off-the-shelf gifts. These types of gifts stand out amongst all of the gifts; plus the person who received your handmade gift will frequently think of you and treasure it.


Today, environmentally sustainable or environmentally-friendly products are preferred over products that are hazardous to the environment and cause pollution. The Good Trade is a great website which has great information on sustainable materials and fashion. Many off-the-shelf products are wrapped in layers of plastic or are fully made from plastic which is not sustainable for the environment and, when recycled, emit poisonous gasses. 

When it comes to handcrafted gifts, materials other than plastic are being used when it comes to creating them, decorating them or packing them. An example of this is how bakeries wrap their cakes in paper boxes or they are using natural fabrics to decorate their baskets and trays of food. Such alternatives to plastic are not only environmentally sustainable but also show the craftsmanship skills of the person.


Craftsmen do not let anything useful go to waste.  They will use leftover wool to knit a sweater or a woolen scarf. Yarn can be used to tie up a basket of goodies and food. Fish wire and paper can be used to make handcrafted jewelry such as earrings. Glass is fused to create beautiful earrings. With handcrafted gifts, craftsmen come up with many unique gift ideas that will stand out from the crowd.


Every one of us has friends who come from different walks of life. Some have everything they want, while others are still working toward achieving their goals. When it comes to giving something to someone who seems to have everything, this task can seem difficult. There is a solution to this problem. Have your gift handmade so that it is specific to the person you are buying it for. Not only will your gift stand out, but it will feel personal and more meaningful to them. 


When it comes to bespoke gifts, you can be assured of the quality of the material used in the gift, as well as the packaging and the decoration of the gift. This is not the case with off-the-shelf items, as they are mass-produced and cannot be customized. So you never know about the quality of the off-the-shelf gift. With handcrafted gifts, the case is different because a lot of skill, time and care is put into creating these gifts.

It is clear why handmade is better in today’s “instant gratification” world we live in. It may take a little longer and require some planning ahead, but it is well worth the extra effort. Quality, uniqueness, sustainability, all contribute to making our world a better place. I hope all these tips will help you next time you are stuck with a choice of what to give to a loved one or a friend.




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