2020 Gift Guide From Maid Of Honor To Bride

Wedding season is right around the corner for many of us, we either know someone who is getting married, or we are the actual one getting married, and last but not least, we may be the bridesmaid for a bride about to be married. Regardless, this guide focuses on bridesmaids, helping them out with gifting ideas for the bride that has chosen them to be beside them on their special day.

If you are a bridesmaid panicking regarding gifts to give the bride, you have stumbled upon just the right guide. In this guide, we cover numerous options for gifts and gift ideas with descriptions, along with further suggestions and tips to give the bride a thoughtful, clever, and meaningful gift she will cherish forever. Not only that, but here we start with discussions explaining what rules and etiquettes there are related to gift-giving from a bridesmaid to the bride, and more.

Etiquette And Rules Of Gift Giving From Bridesmaid To The Bride:

One thing all bridesmaids wonder when accompanying their friend, sister, or whoever has asked them to be their maid of honor, is whether they should buy the bride a gift, and be one of the gift-givers on their wedding day. To put it simply, the answer is yes. Think about it, they chose YOU to be their bridesmaid, and no one else was deemed perfect to accompany them on their special day, but you! The bride might, out of courtesy and respect for your time and to avoid giving you trouble, say no to any gifts, but it is always a good idea to present the bride with a gift, and customized gifts or handmade gifts work are even more thoughtful ones to give. The result will be that she will truly love the gesture and appreciate your gift greatly.

So yes, no matter how small the gift may be or whatever you may be able to afford, gift the bride on her special day and she will sincerely appreciate and love it and remember the thoughtful and meaningful gesture in the years to come.

Custom Gift Ideas For Gifts For The Bride:

Now, let’s talk about gifts and some ideas as to what you can get and what would be a suitable gift to present to the bride. We’ve sifted and sorted through some of the best and most thoughtful and meaningful gift ideas we could find and below are just a few:

  • Brides Journal: this is one of the gifts that have been gaining popularity of its own after the trend took off of customized gifts being these very journals that allow the bride to gather all the little bits of important information she needs in one, compact, small space.

  • Customized Kimono: this can be an adorable, thoughtful, and chic customized gift with either the bride’s current or new initials on the robe.

  • Original, Handmade Jewelry: either a necklace, bracelet or earrings that are designed by you in the colors that best represent your bride’s best characteristics. These are called I Honor Jewelry and is a favorite by those that want to share how much their friendship means.

  • Gift Card: gift-giving can be creative in a way that you can give the bride a gift card to her favorite spa to relieve the stressful days she dealt with throughout her wedding. She will definitely need this!

  • Instant Camera: if the bride is one with an old soul and adores retro things, look no further than getting her an instant camera which she can take along to her honeymoon or even use at the wedding to capture timeless memories to keep for herself.

  • Another great gift idea is a Wedding Emergency Gift for when and if any inconvenience or mini emergencies occur. This well thought out gift is equipped with things any bride might need, just in case, on her special day ranging from bandages, stain remover, safety pins, earring backs, to name just a few of the 21 essentials.

When does the Maid of Honor Present her gift to the bride?

This is a question rarely ever seen answered but is such a crucial step to gift-giving because as the great Ali Boussi said:

 “The second-best thing after a gift itself is the way of giving it”.

The answer is simple; you can either present it to her on the wedding day itself, on the day of the bridal shower, or on the day of her engagement. 

Now, bridesmaid, you have nothing to worry about regarding gift-giving as, hopefully, this article has answered many of your burning questions and concerns and you are confident to find the perfect gift for the bride.




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