10 Best Things To Have In Your Purse While Traveling

Hate packing? The most significant problem all of us face when packing for travel is determining what we need to take and what not to take. While traveling, accidents can happen, things can be stolen or lost; so planning strategically is essential for happy travels. Packing for a trip is more complex when you have children, too. Your purse is super helpful for carrying all the necessities.

Here are 10 helpful tips to have in your purse while traveling.

A Water Bottle With A Filtering System:

A small water bottle is essential for everyone because it is sustainable, easy to carry, and environmentally friendly. One can also fill these water bottles from water coolers at different points in the city. There are also collapsible water bottles available, which can be easily folded to save space for other essentials in your crossbody bag or tote.

Makeup And Jewelry Pouch:

There are times when you might be running late for an event or wish to touch up your makeup after an 8-hour flight, so having a pouch that holds your jewelry and makeup for you is handy and keeps your bag or even your purse satchel organized. 

Your Sunglasses:

A good pair of sunglasses is essential, especially when traveling in a tropical and sunny country. It not only protects your eyes from harmful UV rays but if you have one of those statement sunglasses, then they can glam up your travel look. Just make sure to carry them in a pouch or a case so that you can easily find them in your purse or satchel.

Pouch For Your Important Documents:

Always keep essential documents on you and not in your suitcase. These documents can include your bus, boat, or airline tickets, passports, hotel room keys, car keys, medical information and any other documents that you should have. A small brightly-colored pouch can help you find them quickly in your purse or bag.

A Portable Charger:

For safety’s sake, always carry a phone with you. There will be times where you will be out the whole day and not get an opportunity to charge your phone. The solution to this problem is to keep a portable charger with you at all times. They come small enough to easily fit in your satchel bag or even your purse.


A few packets of crackers, pretzels, or other snacks can come in handy, especially if you have children. As long as they are safely wrapped, you can easily carry them in your travel bag.


Long flights or even long rides can be tiring. Keeping yourself and/or your children busy with games, a good book, a magazine, or any other preferred methods, can help keep everyone happier. If you enjoy reading, download a digital book on your phone or Kindle.

Notebook And Pen:

“Some of your best ideas come when you’re on vacation.” – Gautam Singhania

If you are a creative person filled with lots of ideas, then a notebook and a pen are things you can easily carry in your handbag. You can use your phones’ Notes application to jot down ideas, but there is something a little more special about writing in a notebook.

Baby Wipes/ Face Wipes/ Tissues:

A pack of tissues or wipes is essential when traveling. They are great for makeup removal, cleaning hands, just freshening up. And with children, they are a must. Having a package of wipes can come in handy when you least expect it. Plus, they are lightweight, and if you do not wish to carry a whole packet of tissues, you can keep 4-5 in your wallet or purse.


Sometimes when traveling, it isn’t possible to brush your teeth. So a good tip is to carry a pack of mints or chewing gum. You can easily carry them in your wallet, handbag, or purse.

So be prepared before you travel so you can have a great time and stay safe! 



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