Why Strength Exercises Are Crucial

Basic weight training is the key to everyone’s fitness. No matter what age you are, you depend on your muscles to help you get up, lift things, move about, generally everything! Maintaining muscle fitness will help carry you through to old age. Popular Science states, “By age 70, the average person has lost a quarter of the muscle mass they had at 30, and by 90, they’ll have lost half.” So some resistance training is crucial.  Here are some basic weight training ideas.

1) Using dumbbells or kettlebells (one in each hand) just hold them by your side and walk around with them.

Start small and work up the weight as you can.

2) To maintain core strength, lifting a trap bar correctly will accomplish this.

These deadlifting motions will help you be able to pick stuff up off the floor without hurting yourself.

3) Doing squats help with daily activities like standing up, and help keep flexibility in your hips, knees and ankles.

Always consult your doctor before starting a new exercise routine and don’t over do it. These basics will help you be better all through life. Get more details.


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