Should Children do Chores?

When I was growing up, I did chores. With today’s busy schedules, a lot of parents claim their children don’t have time to help out. Other parents state they just don’t have the energy to keep nagging their kids to help out, it gets done quicker if the parent does it themselves. 

However, there are studies out that show that children feel more part of the family and more valued in the family if they help; and this can lead to more successful, responsible adults.  But the question remains, how do you get your children to do these chores?  There are no short-cuts. According to the NY Times, “getting children to do chorse is an incredibly simple two-step process:

1) insist and 2) persist until the chore is done.” 

In time, children that contribute to the household will do the work if you require it of them. For more click here.

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