The 7-Step Guide to Building a Successful Career

Often times, the difference between those who go on to have a great career and those who just have one that is enough to help them get by, is the intention behind it.

Great careers do not just happen overnight. The secret is that those having these great careers have put in a lot of work and energy to ensure they are where they are. They have also been doing this so much, and consistently so, that it seems like they are not even making an effort at all.

If anything, that goes on to show that having a career could start in a day, but building a solid one is a lifelong journey.

Here are 7 strategies that can help get you on your way to a better career. Chief of these strategies are:


1) Identify your goals


2) Build a professional resume



3) Leverage your strengths



4) Assume responsibility for everything that happens in your life



5) Raise your standards… over and over again



6) Branding yourself the way you want people to see you



7) Put yourself out there through networking.


To get even more tips and detailed explanation on how to approach each of the strategies above, read the blog post over at CareerCast here.

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