7 Ways to Be a Bold Leader in 2020

Want to be a bold leader? Here are 7 actions you need to take to help propel you to your own success.

  1. Know your strengths and weaknesses and find others to compliment your capabilities and shore-up your weaknesses.

  2. Define your goals and list the actions it will take to get there, then prioritize so you have a clear path to achieving them.

  3. Be judicious in what you say, how you say it, and when you say it. Silence is also important in certain circumstances, but think before you speak and then speak with authority.

  4. Be that person that knows more than the others around you so you can be the most successful leader you can be, so learn, ask, research.

  5. Turn failures into learning. Lead your team through mistakes by making sure that you minimize risks as much as possible; then point your team toward ways to resolve mistakes and learn from them.

  6. Start out with smaller goals so you can build on those smaller successes. Winning is winning which builds confidence and helps others grow and succeed.

  7. Plan to build on every success before it happens. Know the steps you will take to keep moving forward, building that momentum with every new win.

Becoming a bold leader takes time but if you plan, research, learn, engage others, you will be off on the right foot. Click here to hop over to the original post for more details.


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