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Sustainability is about environmental, social and economic interests. Our products are eco-friendly and made-to-order so they don't wind up in landfills or incinerators like mass produced goods. We work with American craftsmen who don't commute, are readily available to their families and communities, and operate small businesses in the USA.


Luxury is owning things that bring you personal happiness and comfort, and let you be you. It's not about being elitist and showing what you own. Rather it's about authenticity and showing who you are.

Designed By You
Designing your own purses, bags, and jewelry saves you time for other valuable demands. In less than 1-minute you can make a design from thousands of possibilities and be done with your shopping. It lets you have goods that are made for you, not some celebrity.

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Design Your Own Jewelry

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What Customers Say

The total experience from selecting the item, customizing it and receiving it were all top notch!

Gayle D

What Customers Say

The bracelet is well made and the box and packaging and container were very high end. Thank you! 

Suzie C.

What Customers Say

Love the bracelet and we’re planning our customer appreciations in the next few months.

Jennifer P.

What Customers Say

I got it! I love it! Thank you guys sooo much.

Saniyyah J.

Our Collections

Custom Bracelets
There are 85,025 custom bracelets that can be handmade from your unique ideas. They include leather and fused glass. Just click on a style and our Custom Bracelet App will give you a variety of choices and show your selections in real time. Change them until it's right. In less than 1-minute you can design your unique bracelet.

Custom Necklaces
Necklaces with a fused glass pendant can be handmade 10,985 ways based on a few selections you make in our Custom Necklace App.

Custom Earrings
Earrings with fused glass dangles can be handmade 10,985 ways based on selections you make in our Custom Earrings App. It takes less than 1-minute.

Handmade Bracelets
These handcrafted bracelets are inspired by; country flag colors, causes, colleges, celebrations, careers, character traits, and some because we like them. Each was designed with our Custom Bracelet App, and you can use it too.

Handmade Necklaces
The pendants are made from 3-4 pieces of fused glass and have an adjustable rhodium plate chain. Each was designed with our Custom Necklace App, and you can use it too.

Handmade Earrings
The dangles are made from 3-4 pieces of fused glass and are on standard hooks.

I Honor Jewelry
I Honor Jewelry acknowledges the character traits of the people you admire, love and respect. You design each custom accessory to symbolize up to three of their most inspiring character traits.

Custom Business Bracelets
Boost branding, recognition and culture programs for your organization. No more plaques. These custom bracelets are made from your choice of leather cord or paracord, many colors and several clasp choices.